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Sursum Corda House is an exceptional, faith-based, non-medical senior care home, offering 24-hour assistance for those unable to live independently. Although our elderly residents are no longer able to live independently, we encourage appropriate independence at our Catholic care home in Phoenix, Arizona.

At Sursum Corda House, we practice Catholic values, especially charity, companionship, stewardship, and integrity. With this in mind, we provide all levels of care from companionship to nursing care, offering ongoing support to seniors and their families.

Personal Care

We help your loved one to maintain their independence by assisting them with hands-on care as needed, including bathing, toileting, and all personal hygiene.

Medication Management

Our nurses will set your loved one’s medications up in an organized way allowing our caregivers to remind your loved one to take the appropriate medications at the required times.

Care Management

Our care management team can take care of all of the details, including attending doctor’s appointments, scheduling follow-up visits, re-filling prescriptions, and reporting back to the family. Giving you peace of mind that your loved one is in safe hands.

Home Management

Each room at Sursum Corda House is equipped with a bed, nightstand, lamp, dresser, and closet. Double occupancy rooms have two beds. Our team will work together with each resident to maintain order and cleanliness in each room as needed. If needed, our senior care home team will also assist your loved one by opening the mail and putting together shopping lists. Our senior living team is ready to help with anything that comes up to ensure your loved one is safe and sound at home.

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Speaking with a Friend


One of the greatest sources of encouragement can be a compassionate person coming alongside to provide uplifting conversation, engaging in fun activities, and bringing positivity to your day. The caregivers at Sursum Corda House are there not just for your loved one’s physical needs, but for their emotional needs as well.

Rehabilitation Assistance

Whether offered in the senior care home or in a medical office, if your loved one is receiving rehabilitation care from a physical, occupational, or speech therapist, our caregivers can come alongside the therapist to continue the prescribed therapies at Sursum Corda House; thereby, assisting in speeding up the recovery process and ensuring successful rehabilitation at home.

Senior Rehabilitation
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Shopping & Errands

Our Sursum Corda House senior living team is fully insured and trained to safely provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and other errands and outings.

Cooking & Meal Preparation

From menu planning to cooking your favorite dishes, our caregivers are ready to meet your dietary needs, including juicing services.

End of Life Care

The primary purpose of end of life care at Sursum Corda House is meeting the spiritual needs of each resident. Traditional rites of the sacraments, offered by traditional priests, at the request of each resident and or as requested by families will be given. While we are not a hospice care provider, we will work with hospice so Catholic moral principles are maintained and ensure that our clients have a peaceful end of life.

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